The supplier portal of Transnet BW

The prerequisite for rendering services or supplying products to TransnetBW, which reach or exceed the threshold values set out in Article 15 of Directive 2014/25/EU , is successfully participating in an EU auditing system based on the requirements of Ordinance on Awarding Contracts in the Areas of Transport, Drinking Water and Energy Supply (SektVO) . This applies to both annual contract requirements and to individual awards of contracts with bidding procedures.

If you wish to apply as a new supplier, please register on https://lieferantenportal.transnetbw.de and complete the questionnaire for the trades which you would like to serve. Depending on the Purchasing division, appraisal is carried out in an examination which can be multi-level in parts. The required certificates and other documents can be directly exchanged with Purchasing via the portal.

In addition to appraising potential suppliers, the portal serves the purpose of assessing and developing suppliers. There is an action monitoring system to ensure targeted and uniform communication as well as the option of keeping track of agreed measures and activities.

With our supplier portal, we want to create an efficient and secure interface to existing suppliers and future business partners.

Our Purchasing team is at your disposal for any questions you might have.

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