Who we are

TransnetBW GmbH operates the electricity transmission grid in the German state of Baden-Württemberg. Through this grid, we ensure that electricity is supplied to the region, Germany and throughout Europe. We control and monitor the energy flows through the grid and perform the necessary maintenance and network planning and development activities. Our customers include numerous electricity traders and operators of power stations and distribution grids both in Germany and abroad.

Guaranteeing economic strength and quality of life

Some 80 transformers connect our transmission grid to the distribution grids in Baden-Württemberg. Via these access points, we supply electricity to internationally renowned industrial enterprises and more than 11 million people in Baden-Württemberg – reliably and at every hour of the day. In this way, TransnetBW ensures the economic strength and quality of life in south-west Germany.

In addition, our grid carries a large proportion of the electricity consumed in Germany and throughout Europe. Thirty-five interconnection points integrate the TransnetBW grid into the national and European grids. Together with our neighbouring network partners in Germany, France, Austria and Switzerland, we also make available the transmission capacities required for cross-border electricity transmission, equitably and without discrimination.

A young company with solid roots

TransnetBW GmbH was launched in March 2012 when the former EnBW Transportnetze AG – itself founded in 1998 – was spun off to form a separate company. In doing this, the Baden-Württemberg energy provider EnBW was following the European Commission’s requirements for the liberalisation of the energy market. The aim was to ensure the economic independence of the transmission grid operators and enhance competition.

Over the last five years, our workforce has grown in number from barely 340 to the current total of 1,205 employees. That is further proof of the growth and economic success of our youthful enterprise.

TransnetBW at a glance

  • Legal form
    TransnetBW GmbH
  • Founded
    1998 as EnBW Transportnetze AG, renamed as TransnetBW GmbH in 2012
  • Transmission grid
    220- and 380-kV power lines of length 3,100 km covering an area of 34,600 km²
  • Customers
    Electricity generators and regional electricity providers, 11 million people in Baden-Württemberg, countless large industrial enterprises in Baden-Württemberg
  • Workforce
    1,205 (2022)
  • Balance sheet total acc. to HGB
    € 5 billion (2021)
  • Sales revenue acc. to HGB
    € 9 billion (2021)
Vision der TransnetBW

Our vision

  • We are the innovative energy hub in the heart of Europe.
  • Our grid connects Baden-Württemberg with the energy sources of the future.
Mission der TransnetBW

Our mission

  • TransnetBW operates the transmission grid in Baden-Württemberg.
  • We are designing the grid of the future and transmitting energy across state and national borders.
  • We work to ensure a stable and reliable energy supply and in this way make a decisive contribution to the economic strength and quality of life of south-west Germany.
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