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Additional reserves

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To enhance its potential for redispatch measures, TransnetBW GmbH is concluding contracts for additional reserves with interested operators in Italy and Switzerland. Legal basis for these contracts is §13 (1) of the German Energy Industry Act (EnWG) which allows transmission system operators to activate additional reserves to ensure the stability of the electricity grid.

Contracts for additional reserves are concluded with operators, which operate plants suitable for the purpose of the reserve. Unlike the contracts for the network reserve, the operators of the additional reserve do not guarantee the availability of their capacity, but the capacity can be requested by TransnetBW following a predefined activation process. A remuneration only occurs in case of actual activation and power delivery.

The additional reserves are activated if no conventional redispatch options with market plants are available anymore. Thus, the additional reserves serve as a backup to ensure the stability of the electricity grid in critical situations.

Activation of Additional Reserves

The activation of reserves may lead to restrictions regarding the allocation of cross-border transmission capacity at the border Germany- Switzerland.

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