Capacity reserve


Capacity reserve

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The German Energy Industry Act (“Energiewirtschaftsgesetz”) in conjunction with the German regulation for capacity reserve (“Kapazitätsreserveverordnung”) provides regulation regarding the provision of a capacity reserve in the amount of 2 GW. In the event of threats to or disruptions of the security or reliability of the power supply system caused by supply/demand imbalances on the electricity markets in the German grid control cooperation, the capacity reserve shall be used to compensate for these shortfalls. The capacity can be provided by generating plants, storage facilities and variable load.

The capacity reserve will be formed via a public tender held by the German transmission system operators. The first delivery period of the capacity reserve starts on 1st October 2020 and ends on 30th September 2022. Further information regarding the capacity reserve and the tender for the first delivery period can be found on the common platform by the German TSOs

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