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TransnetBW GmbH is publishing data related to the cross border activation of aFRR within the PICASSO project. In particular, data related to the cross-border marginal price per control area, exchanged aFRR volumes and reasons for bid unavailability are published.

The Platform for the International Coordination of Automated Frequency Restoration and Stable System Operation (PICASSO) is the implementation project endorsed by all TSOs through the ENTSO-E Market Committee to establish the European platform for the exchange of balancing energy from frequency restoration reserves with automatic activation or aFRR-Platform, pursuant to Article 21 of the Commission Regulation (EU) 2017/2195 of 23 November 2017 establishing a guideline on electricity balancing (EB GL).

Until the accession of the respective TSO to the aFRR-Platform, Test-Data is published

  • CEPS acceded the Platform on June 1st 2022
  • APG, 50Hertz (50HZT), TenneT Germany (TTG), Amprion (AMP) and TransnetBW (TNG) acceded on June 22nd 2022

Cross-Border Marginal Prices (aFRR IF, Art. 3.16)

Based on the implementation framework, the cross border marginal price (CBMP) has to be published per market time unit (MTU). The MTU is related to the optimization cycle (4 seconds). The CBMP is defined in positive and negative direction. If the aFRR in a control area is in one direction, the CBMP in the opposite direction is not defined and is published as n.A. If there is no aFRR activation within an uncongested area, the CBMP is published with the same value in positive and negative direction.

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Exchanged Volumes (aFRR IF, Art. 3.16)

Based on the Implementation Framework the exchanged aFRR volumnes for each control area are published using the same resolution as the optimization cycle (OC). This resolution is 4 seconds.

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Reasons for Changes to Bid Availability (aFRR IF, Art. 9.8)

Any time before the TSO energy bid submission gate closure time and only when, after the TSO energy bid submission gate closure time, new information becomes available to a participating TSO that affects the possibility to activate the standard aFRR balancing energy product bids, the participating TSO may modify the bids in accordance with Article 29(9) of the EB Regulation or change the availability status of the bid in accordance with Article 29(14) of the EB Regulation.

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Exclusion of liability

All data is determined by TransnetBW to the best of its ability and is provided without guarantee. If it is temporarily not possible, for technical or other reasons, to determine the data or make it available, TransnetBW shall endeavour to restore data availability without delay. As far as it is legally permitted, TransnetBW excludes liability for damages due to the temporary unavailability of data. TransnetBW reserves the right to update all data published here.

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