Contract, areas and balancing groups

Registration of balancing areas

The registration and deregistration of balancing areas is regulated by the provisions of the business process for accounting grid billing in the electricity sector (currently GP 1.0). The stipulations under point 4 also apply in connection with the change of a network operator responsible for a balancing area.

To see all balancing areas currently active in the TransnetBW control area, please go to our DSO balancing areas publication (download, see right).

Registration of balancing groups and balancing accounts

Within the context of standardising these contracts, the Federal Network Agency (BNetzA) has in its BK6-06-013 decision imposed upon the TSO the use of a standard balancing group contract. This standard balancing group contract applies to all new contracts in the TransnetBW control area concluded on or after 01/07/2011.

Existing contracts will be converted pursuant to the decision of the BNetzA on 01/10/2011.

An overview of the balancing groups currently valid in the TransnetBW control area can be found in the Balancing group overview document (download, see right).

With the BK6-07-002 decision determining the market rules for implementing accounting grid billing in the electricity sector (MaBiS), the BNetzA, in the explanatory statement for this decision under point 1.3.4, expressly confirmed the use of the applicable balancing accounts in the TransnetBW control area and put this on a par with a processing model in which a balancing group responsible operates one or more sub-balancing groups. The provisions of the standard balancing group contract also apply to the balancing accounts you set up in the TransnetBW control area. This excludes all regulations of the standard balancing group contract that concern the trade in energy according to schedule. Balancing accounts will continue to be excluded from participation in schedule management after the new standard balancing group contract has been concluded. For further information, please contact us.

With regard to the provisions on collateral in Section 14.2 of the Balancing Group Contract, please note that if a company manages multiple balancing groups, schedules for transfers between these balancing groups can be omitted from the calculation of reasonable collateral. A written application to this effect, giving reasons, must be submitted to TransnetBW will take a decision on whether to grant the application based on the merits of the case within a reasonable period of time.


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