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Gesetz zur Digitalisierung der Energiewende

The “Gesetz zur Digitalisierung der Energiewende” is a German Federal Law for the equipment and operation of intelligent measuring systems ("Smart Meter") for the implementation and further devel-opment of the Energiewende. The law has been in force since 2 September 2016. It contains, among other things, the Act on Measuring Point Operation and Data Communication in Intelligent Power Networks (Messstellenbetriebsgesetz).

The interim model

The Federal Network Agency set up the so-called interim model on December 20, 2016, which defines the requirements for electronic market communication to the German Measuring Point Act. The inter-im model is intended to integrate intelligent measuring systems and modern measuring devices into the existing market processes for an application from 2017 onwards and provides for star-shaped communication with the TSO for EE plants. The implementation date for the interim model is 1 October 2017.

In a test phase, TransnetBW will receive data from smart meter gateways as of June 19. Prospective participants can contact us at Please find our temporary test-certificates in the download area.

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