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The key principles for the implementation of the market rules for accounting grid billing in the electricity sector (MaBiS)

The transmission system operators (TSO) are responsible for the security and reliability of the power supply in their control area according to the provisions of the German Energy Industry Act (EnWG). In assuming its responsibility, the TSO responsible for the control area supplies the required system services (control reserve) and provides these to the network users.

As the TSO supplies the control reserve, the resulting deviations between feed-in and consumption are constantly balanced.

To supply consumption points of re-distributors and end consumers, and to process power trading transactions, the balancing group is used in the energy balancing and accounting system. The owner of a balancing group (balancing group responsible) accepts, as interface between network users and operators of transmission systems, the economic responsibility for resulting deviations in feed-in and consumption and the resulting usage of the control reserve (balancing energy) provided by the TSO. The balancing group responsible is invoiced for the costs for this. The necessary regulations on balancing group management by the TSO within its control area and the resulting rights and obligations for the balancing group responsible and the TSO are governed by the standard balancing group contract.

During standardisation of these contracts, in its BK6-06-013 decision the Federal Network Agency (BNetzA) has imposed upon the TSO the use of a standard balancing group contract. This standard balancing group contract applies to all new contracts in the TransnetBW control area concluded on or after 01/07/2011.

To ensure the balancing group account is correct and on time, the BNetzA, in its BK6-07-002 decision on 10/06/2009, set out the framework for accounting grid billing in the electricity sector by determining the market rules for accounting grid billing in the electricity sector (MaBiS). Based on this, the GP 1.0 business processes have been drawn up by BDEW with the involvement of the market roles affected.

The stipulations in the BNetzA decision concerning accounting grid billing in the electricity sector apply as of 01/04/2011.

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