The Transmission System Operators Amprion GmbH, TenneT TSO GmbH and TransnetBW GmbH herewith provide information about congestion in their networks in accordance with the § 15 (4) Stromnetzzugangsverordnung (StromNZV) directive.

§ 15 (4) of the StromNZV directive states:

"Operators of transmission networks are obliged to announce congestion in their network without delay and in an appropriate form, at least by publishing it on their website, and to inform the balancing group responsible parties concerned immediately and electronically as far as possible. Publication and notification must include:

  • the total available capacity,
  • the transmission direction in which the congestion occurs, and
  • the predicted duration."

As of 1 October 2018, congestion events will be managed at the interconnectors between the control zones of the German Transmission System Operators Amprion GmbH, TenneT TSO GmbH and TransnetBW GmbH on the one hand, and the Austrian Transmission System Operators Austrian Power Grid AG and Vorarlberger Übertragungsnetz GmbH on the other hand.

For this purpose, the National Regulatory Authorities concerned, i.e. the Bundesnetzagentur and E-Control each published a press release on 15 May 2017. Market participants are to be granted long-term capacities of at least 4.9 GW in the direction from Germany to Austria. According to these press releases, the Austrian Transmission System Operator also provides German Transmission System Operators with sufficiently secured power plant capacity for grid security measures. If the respective minimum quantity cannot be made available to German transmission system operators, the trading capacity of 4.9 GW will be reduced by the same amount, but traders will in these cases be economically unaffected by the binding nature of the rights.

The overall capacity of the congestion ensures operational reliability in accordance with the results of the system analyses of Transmission System Operators pursuant to the Netzreserveverordnung (NetzResV) and the corresponding report of the Bundesnetzagentur dated 28 April 2017, taking into account the grid reserve available from winter 2018/2019.

The congestion initially exist for an unlimited period of time.

The transmission system operators affected by the congestion are endeavouring to increase the transmission capacity between Germany and Austria. For this reason, appropriate cross-border network expansion is taking place, for example with the projects Isar/Altheim - St. Peter, Vöhringen - West Tyrol, Pleinting - St. Peter and the Lake Constance project.

Interested parties can keep themselves informed about the progress of the project:

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