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There´s a permanent congestion on this border which is commonly managed by the TSOs Amprion and TransnetBW together with RTE.



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Explicit allocation via JAO (Long-term capacity allocation):

JAO (Joint Allocation Office) is the common allocation platform and constitutes a merger of the former regional auction offices CASC and CAO. On the website of JAO the auction rules, approved by the relevant regulators, are offered for download.

Detailed information e.g. on the available capacity you´ll find on the websites of Amprion GmbH and JAO.

CWE Market Coupling (Day-Ahead):

After the successful start of ATC-Based market coupling in the CWE region on 9th of November 2010 the project partners – TSOs and Power Exchanges of the region – strengthened their effort to implement a flow-based market coupling solution.

Operation of the CWE ATC-Based Market Coupling:

Further information on the operation of the CWE ATC-Based Market Coupling is provided on and the website of CASC.EU.

Enclosed please find the public message of the CWE partners concerning the CWE incident (full decoupling) on 27th of March 2011.

Here under please find the social welfare reports of the CWE market coupling since January 2012. They and compare the welfare obtained with CWE market coupling to a theoretical welfare obtained with infinite capacities at the country borders. The social welfare report will be prepared and published on a monthly basis.

Implementation of Flow-Based Market Coupling:

In parallel of the ATC-Based Market Coupling, the CWE project partners are going to prepare the CWE Flow-Based Market Coupling. Hereunder please find reports and presentations which are published in the course of the CWE Flow-Based Market Coupling Project:

The “CWE Enhanced Flow-Based MC feasibility report” and a corresponding presentation shown at PLEF on 22nd of March 2011.

The slides presented during the Flow-Based Forum on June 1st 2011 in Amsterdam.

The “CWE Enhanced Flow-Based MC feasibility report” (version 2.0) and the corresponding presentations shown at PLEF on 28th of October 2011.

On behalf of the CWE Market Coupling project partners, we’d like to inform you about the current status of the Flow-Based Market Coupling project.

The CWE Flow-Based Market Coupling project is approaching an important milestone: the launch of the external parallel run.

The CWE Flow-Based approval documents can be found on CASC Website under the following link:

CWE Flow-Based Market Coupling: Public Consultation

Start of the online Public Consultation: May 2nd 2013

Invitation to participate to the online Public Consultation until June, 30th, 2013.

Outcome of the online Public Consultation:

Project answers to Market Participants’ concerns and questions which arose during the consultation process:

CWE FB MC Market Forum, October 10th, 2013: Forum slides

CWE Flow-Based Market Coupling:

Market Communication

Intraday capacity allocation

Intraday capacity allocation for the border Germany/France is still conducted by the auction coordinators Amprion GmbH for the direction Germany to France and Réseau de Transport d`Electricité (RTE) for the direction France to Germany. Detailed information e.g. on the available capacity for Intraday as well as the relevant rules you´ll find on the websites of Amprion GmbH and RTE.

North West Europe Price Coupling

North-Western Europe Price Coupling (NWE) is on its way to implementation. On behalf of all the Power Exchanges and Transmission System Operators involved, we would like to welcome you to the first NWE stakeholder forum.

Listed below you´ll find the presentations and documents of the stakeholder forum (26th September 2012):

JOINT DECLARATION: North-Western European Price Coupling in good progress (18th February 2013):

In the framework of the CWE Market Coupling project the process timings in case of problems in the normal NWE process are currently under discussion. You will find enclosed a paper summarizing questions that the project parties have on this issue. We would be happy to get your feedback on these questions in order to be able to take them into account for our future discussions. Thanks a lot in advance for your support.

2nd Stakeholder Forum of the NWE Price Coupling Project in London on 14 June 2013:

The North-Western Europe (NWE) Power Exchanges and Transmission System Operators are working on implementing an NWE Price Coupling Solution, to replace the current coupling mechanisms in Great Britain, Central Western Europe and the Nordic-Baltic regions. The project partners are pleased to invite you to the second stakeholder forum on June 14th in London.

A significant step towards an integrated European power market.

A significant step towards an integrated European power market: NWE Price Coupling Target Launch Date 26 November

NWE Day-Ahead Price Coupling postponed. NWE Go-Live

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