Price sheets

The network access charges listed below are prices for using the TransnetBW transmission network. The price sheets mentioned on this page provide information for network users whose fees are calculated on the basis of an annual demand charge. The final prices may differ from the preliminary network charges and will be published in time for the January 01, 2018th.

The pricelist is available for download.

Information about the monthly demand charge system

In order to take advantage of the monthly demand charge, the network customer must opt for this type of billing before the invoicing period commences, and must notify TransnetBW in writing accordingly. It is not possible to retrospectively change the mode of invoicing at the end of the twelve-month invoicing period in order to optimise costs.

The monthly demand charges are one-sixth of the annual demand charge given on Price sheet 1 for the respective point of use, regardless of the actual hours of utilisation. The respective kilowatt hour rate given on this price sheet is used to calculate the kilowatt hour fee.

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