Total load

The total load is the sum with correct algebraic sign for all feed-ins (generation units and interconnection transfer points) in the 380/220/110 kV-grid in the control area of TransnetBW incl. feed-in of Wind, Photovoltaic and other renewable energies in the control area of TransnetBW.

Industrial power plants in closed area networks are not included. Due to the used algorithm the grid losses are included.

2011: By switching the system for data acquisition of EEG feeds to 05.04.2011, the total load increases from that date by up to 1000 - 1500 MW.

2012: Due to a change of control zone in the area Vorarlberg 01.01.2012 the total load is reduced from that date by up to 500 MW.



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Exclusion of liability

All data is determined by TransnetBW to the best of its ability and is provided without guarantee. If it is temporarily not possible, for technical or other reasons, to determine the data or make it available, TransnetBW shall endeavour to restore data availability without delay. As far as it is legally permitted, TransnetBW excludes liability for damages due to the temporary unavailability of data. TransnetBW reserves the right to update all data published here.