Wind Infeed

Wind energy infeed refers to the wind energy generated in the TransnetBW control area per time unit. The reference sites in the TransnetBW control area form the basis for the calculation of wind energy infeed. Wind energy generation is projected by means of these reference measurements and a calculation algorithm.

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Since the amended Renewable Energy Sources (RES) Act (german: EEG) became effective on August 1, 2004, German transmission system operators are obligated in the scope of the nationwide load balancing to promptly balance out the fluctuations of the wind energy infeed among themselves. Accordingly, TransnetBW GmbH is obligated to promptly absorb and balance out approximately 14 % of the nationwide wind energy generation, whereas currently less than 2 % of the total wind capacity is physically connected in the TransnetBW control area.

You can find the monthly summarized data in the “csv downloads” worksheet tab.

Here you can find historical values of wind infeed:

Exclusion of liability

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