Annual statement of accounts pursuant to EEG

As a transmission system operator, we are legally obliged to publish data collected for the annual statement of accounts pursuant to Sections 77(1) No.2 ff. EEG 2017. Subsequently, the data transmitted referring to our control area for the year 2017 is summarized according to Sections 70 to 77 EEG 2017. The tables comprise data on the renewable energy feed-in as well as on the EEG levy in TransnetBW's control area. A detailed breakdown of the data is available for download as an Excel file. In addition, a comprehensive report specifying the data collection for the annual statement of accounts pursuant to EEG is also available for download.

We explicitly draw attention to the possibility that, within the scope of implementing the EEG, the audit certificates mentioned above may require corrections due to circumstances beyond TransnetBW's control.


As transmission system operator, TransnetBW complies with its task of remunerating operators of electricity-generating installations.

EEG-funding in 2017

The subsequent data bases on aggregated data coming from downstream network operators. It comprises quantities of electricity that are commercially purchased by downstream network operators and their remuneration, market premiums, flexibility supplements und flexibility premiums, avoided grid use charges as well as subsequent corrections of previous year figures.

Remuneration of feed-in 6.442.805.398 1.935.374.144,97
Market premium model   666.235.107,33
Tenant electricity surcharge 515,70
Flexibility funding   9.520.464,24
Avoided grid use charges   98.714.106,08
Subsequent corrections pursuant to Section 62 (1) EEG 2017 25.442.248 11.685.425
Total 6.468.247.646 2.524.101.550,97

Apportionment of the received renewable energy feed-in 2017

Energy Source Quantity
Hydropower 437.449.183 48.273.706,57
Landfill/ sewage treatment/ mine gas 21.631.084 1.663.719,00
Biomass 1.133.518.508 237.316.735,64
Geothermal energy 310.385 62.077,00
Wind energy – onshore 243.802.272 21.004.240,41
Solar radiation 4.606.093.966 1.627.053.666,35
Total 6.442.805.398 1.935.374.144,97

EEG levy

As a transmission system operator, we are legally entitled and obliged to charge the EEG levy from suppliers to end consumers, respectively from self-suppliers and other end consumers. The revenues from the EEG levy then equalize our costs aroused by the transposition of the EEG levy.

Below displayed are the EEG-assessable energy volumes and the respective EEG levy, which have been reported to us for the year 2016. Further, the table contains subsequent corrections of previous year figures.

EEG levy in 2017

EEG-assessable energy quantity
Invoiceable electricity quantities and EEG-levy for electricity suppliers and not self-generating final consumers pursuant to Sections 60 (1) and 61 (1) Sentence 3 EEG 2014 51.434.463.200 3.538.691.068,23
EEG-surcharge pursuant to Section 64 EEG 2014 / Section 103(3) EEG 2014 / Section 103(4) EEG 2014 6.688.539.784 38.098.366,00
EEG levy pursuant to Section 65 EEG 2014 2.361.755.101 32.497.750,20
EEG-levy for self-supply with 40% of the EEG levy 364.192.000 10.015.534,04
EEG-levy for self-supply and other self-generated final consumption with 100% of the EEG levy 22.852.978 1.512.520,42
Payment of sanctions pursuant to 61g (2) EEG 2017 2.497.163 34.360,97
Offsetting amount pursuant to § 61k EEG 2017 0 0
Subsequent corrections of invoiceable electricity quantities and/or EEG-surcharges for energy suppliers and final con-sumers pursuant to Section 62(2) EEG 2017 175.057.171 1.679.045,63
Subsequent corrections for the EEG levy for self-suppliers 22.619.715 693.963,76
Interests paid by self-suppliers 0 0
Total 61.071.977.112 3.623.222.609,25

Exclusion of liability

All data is determined by TransnetBW to the best of its ability and is provided without guarantee. If it is temporarily not possible, for technical or other reasons, to determine the data or make it available, TransnetBW shall endeavour to restore data availability without delay. As far as it is legally permitted, TransnetBW excludes liability for damages due to the temporary unavailability of data. TransnetBW reserves the right to update all data published here.

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