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As a transmission system operator, we publish numerous data and information from various areas of our business. Whether generation or consumption, load flows or network expansion projects. We ensure the necessary transparency and ensure that these data are available to all market participants in a timely manner.

In the following, we provide you with selected key figures for download. If you need further data, you will find them on our publication platforms, which we operate together with our partners

Photovoltaic infeed

Wind infeed

Total Load

Vertical Network Load

Zoom timeline

Nominal range

Actual value
Projection (following day)

Renewable Energies: Photovoltaic infeed

Photovoltaic infeed refers to the photovoltaic energy generated in the TransnetBW control area per time unit. The reference sites in the TransnetBW control area form the basis for the calculation of photovoltaic infeed. Photovoltaic energy generation is projected by means of these reference measurements and a calculation algorithm (detailed information). These values ​​serve as a basis for the settlement of the immediate compensation of charges between transmission system operators


Renewable Energies: Information according to § 8 AusglMechAV

Here we provide information about price limitation in exceptional cases according to § 8 AusglMechAV: Notifications

Cross-Border Load Flows and Schedules

Cross-border load flows are the sums with correct algebraic signs for all transfers from the transmission system of TransnetBW GmbH into the transmission systems of neighboring foreign system operators. The data published below includes figures from the operational measurement. We provide a comparison of this data with the corresponding commercial schedules. The negative figures correspond to the DE => AT/CH/FR direction, vice versa (detailed information).







Exclusion of liability

All data is determined by TransnetBW to the best of its ability and is provided without guarantee. If it is temporarily not possible, for technical or other reasons, to determine the data or make it available, TransnetBW shall endeavour to restore data availability without delay. As far as it is legally permitted, TransnetBW excludes liability for damages due to the temporary unavailability of data. TransnetBW reserves the right to update all data published here.

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